Frequently Asked Questions about TLT Technology Classrooms

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I’m new at this. How do I get started?
  1. Visit our Overview Page
  2. Read the Podium User Guide
  3. Request a one-on-one Orientation Session for your classroom
I have the combination, but the lock still won’t open. What do I do now?
After entering the combination, push up on the lock and then pull down. If this does not work, call the LAT Hotline to verify the combination.
Can student groups schedule and use technology classrooms?
Student groups at Penn State can schedule and use technology classrooms provided appropriate steps have been taken. Visit our Classrooms Scheduling page for more information.

Please note: special restrictions apply to scheduling and using Thomas 100.

What’s the difference between an ITEC, PTEC and STEC?
  • ITEC (instructor technology classroom)
  • PTEC (projector technology classroom)
  • STEC (student technology classroom)
Can I install software on a computer in a technology classroom?
Software can only be installed on a computer in a technology classroom by a system administrator. Please visit our Software Request page for more information.
How can I schedule a training session?
Training is available by appointment and is typically scheduled as a one-on-one session in the room you are assigned to with the equipment you will be using. We ask that you request your orientation at least 48 hours in advance. Because of room schedules it is often not possible to meet for an orientation on short notice as rooms are difficult to reserve for training once classes begin. A typical training session lasts about 30 minutes. Send your request to
Can I call someone for training during the class change just before my class?
This is not recommended, but we will make accommodations in emergency situations.

We encourage technology classroom users to schedule training before the start of classes, when a more leisurely pace can be observed, interruptions are fewer, and there is plenty of time for questions to be asked and answered during the training session.

How can I use my own laptop?
We supply a VGA and 1/8″ audio connection in all Technology Classrooms and an HDMI connection in many.  If a cable is missing just call the hotphone and we can deliver one ASAP.
We do not supply laptop adapters.
In some rooms you can connect wirelessly to the projector through a Solstice pod.
What equipment is available in a typical technology classroom?
Information on the types of technology classrooms and equipment can be found on our Technology Classroom Overview page.