User Guide for TLT Technology Enhanced Classrooms

Unlocking the Podium

podium lock

We have been gradually removing padlocks from our podiums, yet there are still some out there.  If the podium in your classroom is locked:

  1. Locate the lock
  2. Enter the combination. (If you don’t know it, call 8-777-0035)
  3. Push up on the lock and then pull down
  4. Remove the lock
  5. Scramble the combination
  6. Open the doors

Control Systems

There are currently two types of control systems installed in technology classroom podiums:

  • Tech Class Control System (TCCS) – most common, white LCD Crestron touch screen on podium dash panel.
  • Crestron MPB-10 button panel – black, two rows of buttons with volume control.

TCCS Crestron© Touch panel

Crestron touch panel

An LCD touch panel is located on the dash panel of the podium near the lamp on the external connection plate.  To operate the system:

  1. Touch the LCD screen to start the system.  The projector(s) will automatically power on and begin warming up.
  2. Select projector input using the touch panel buttons.

PC, Mac, laptop, and document camera (where available) input source buttons are on the left side of the touch panel. DVD/VCR, closed caption, and external video source buttons are on the right side of the touch panel.

To display closed captioning with video input, press the CC button on the right side of the touch panel.

To temporarily blank the projector, press the Blank button on the right side of the touch panel.

To change the classroom audio level, press the VOLUME button on the right side of the touch panel. Adjust the volume level using the up and down arrows on the touch panel screen.

To turn off the projector and control system press the OFF button on the right side of the touch panel. Select “YES” on the touch panel to confirm shutdown.

Crestron MPB-10 button panel

touch button panel

To turn on the projector press the “Display On” button.  Select a source from the top row of the button panel.  For VGA or HDMI connection select the “Laptop” button.  You may adjust the house sound system level with the volume control.  The projector can temporarily blacked out with the “Blank” button.

When you’re done please press the “Display Off” button to shut down the projector.

Classroom Control

If you are lecturing in an STEC classroom, you have the ability to control the students’ PCs (we do not have an implementation for Apple computers). See our STEC Page for setup and usage instructions.

Equipment Demonstrations

If you have never used one of our technology enhanced classrooms, we recommend you get some “hands on” experience. Request a one-on-one Classroom Orientation Session well in advance of your lecture or event.