TLT Cloud Storage Services


Access UDrive and PASS files
from your web browser
PASS Cloud Storage


Store files in PASS
Access them from anywhere
UDrive Cloud Storage


Store files in UDrive
Access them from anywhere
Box at Penn State

A full-featured 3rd party
cloud storage application
Teaching and Learning with Technology offers multiple ways for faculty, staff, and students to store and access their personal files from any internet-connected device. When you are working in a lab or classroom, save your data to our servers, then access it later from anywhere.

In Classrooms and Labs

All computers in TLT Technology Classrooms and TLT Student Computing Labs can easily access PASS and UDrive storage.

Windows Computers

Windows computers in our classrooms and labs are set up to automatically connect to PASS and UDrive. The services are mapped to the following disk letters:

  • U: UDrive all users root folder
  • V: UDrive your home folder
  • W: PASS all users root folder
  • X: PASS your home folder

Macintosh Computers

Read the IT Knowledge Base article on mounting Pass disks on a MacOS platform.

Online File Storage

Box :  A 3rd Party service offered by Penn State for use by faculty, staff and students.  Box has a number of useful collaboration features, and you get unlimited storage space.  The Quick Start Guide by ITLD is a good place to start, or Log into Box and give it a try.

PASS: Up to 10GB of storage, hosted on PSU Unix servers

UDrive: 500MB of storage, hosted on PSU Windows servers

Getting Connected

Our WebFiles application is the fastest and easiest way to access data stored in PASS or UDrive. Since it is a web application, you can access your data from any device with internet connectivity.