Sharing Files and Folders with PASS Explorer

The PASS Explorer makes it easy to share files and folders with individuals and User Managed Groups (UMGs).

  1. Go to the PASS Explorer in your web browser
  2. Click on the folder or file you want to share and click the Permissions button (highlighted below)
    Pass Explorer
  3. Choose File Permissions for Other Users and click Next.
  4. Choose the level of permissions you want to grant to the user or group and click Next.
    PASS Explorer
  5. Choose whether you’re sharing this with a User Managed Group or an individual user.
    PASS Explorer
  6. If you’re giving permissions to a group, you can select the group from the left box and then click Add.
    The entire group will be given permission if you select the group name. If you want to give permission specifically to the admins of the group (you can set the group admins on the UMG site) then pick the admin subgroup of your group, engl202c_group1.admins in this example.
    All the groups in the right box will be given permissions when you click Next.
    PASS Explorer
  7. For giving permissions to a user, click Add and type in their Access Account ID or last name to find them. All the users in the box will be given permissions when you click Next.
    PASS Explorer


If you don’t get a success page then try again. Make sure you’ve picked the right folder, users, and permissions.

For more assistance, visit the Penn State IT Service Desk site, or call them at 814-865-HELP.