TLT UDrive Backup Service

Every day at 4:00am a “snapshot” of the entire UDrive is taken on UBackup, which holds a real-time copy of UDrive data in addition to several weeks of daily snapshots. If you need a copy of a file that you accidentally erased or edited, it may be in this alternate location.

Please keep in mind:

  • Files you “can’t live without” should be frequently copied to private removable media and/or another computer.
  • If you remove permissions for “Administrators” from files or folders, they cannot be backed up to UBackup.
  • Files in use can not be backed up to “UBackup”.

Restoring Files

Instructions for using UBackup can be found in the Penn State IT Knowledge Base.

Your Responsibility

You are responsible for making your own backups and archives of your files. Files you “can’t live without” should be frequently copied to removable media such as CD’s, USB keys, or portable disks, or at least copied to your own computer. For something important like a thesis, it is not unreasonable to make a backup after every editing session, to save every version on removable media, and to save multiple copies in different places.

While we make reasonable efforts to secure and backup your data, we cannot guarantee that data loss will not occur.

Older Backups and Archives

UDrive files are also backed up to tape, and tapes are rotated weekly to a secure location outside of the blast radius for University Park. These backups are not easily accessible for retrieval, but if there is some extenuating circumstance, you may send the name, full path of the file, and the date and time of the version you would like restored, in a email to We cannot guarantee results, but we will try our best to find your data.

After you leave Penn State and your account is marked inactive, your files will be archived and removed from the UDrive. These archives are kept for as long as spare disk space permits. If you return to the University are are re-enrolled for UDrive space, you may write to to see if we can locate your old files. In the e-mail, please provide the date you left the University. We cannot guarantee your files will be found and restored.

STAAs – Short Term Access Accounts

STAA users are automatically given UDrive space, but when the account expires, the data is deleted. These files are not archived as with regular accounts.