Cooperative Lab Management Service

Computers in an STEC Classroom

The Cooperative Lab Management (CLM) program is a partnership between TLT and distributed IT units for the joint management of student computer labs and classrooms. If you are an IT professional managing computers in your unit’s computer labs or classrooms, the CLM service may decrease the time you spend supporting these facilities. Correspondingly, it may decrease downtime for your users.The CLM service currently supports Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB 64-bit and MacOS Sierra 10.12.

Why Join?

There are many reasons for joining the Cooperative Lab Management program:

  • The CLM service is provided at no cost to Penn State academic, administrative, and research units.
  • Participants benefit from the availability of CLM’s enterprise Tools and Infrastructure by having more reliable facilities that are easier to setup and manage.
  • Students and faculty experience a more consistent computing experience when moving between campuses or around University Park. When students become familiar with the lab environment at one location, they can use the facilities at another location with very little difficulty.
  • LabChat online interactive help provided by the Lab Consulting Group is available for most locations (hours vary).
  • Leveraging CLM’s tools and infrastructure for managing student labs provides an adaptive and secure environment.
  • Once an environment has been migrated into CLM, most participating units reported a decrease in the time needed to support their facilities, allowing more time to spend on more interesting problems and local initiatives.
  • The CLM Team provides quick and expert help for participating IT staff, plus a community of participants who help each other.
  • Comprehensive documentation is provided to all enrolled participants, as well as an active community and an annual user group meeting.

Please review our CLM Service Requirements before purchasing computers or peripherals.

Getting Started

To get signed up, submit a general request against the CLM Service. We will contact you to begin the enrollment process.

If you’re still unsure whether CLM is right for your unit, submit a general request for access to the CLM SharePoint Site. There you will find a wealth of information to help finalize your decision.