Cooperative Lab Management Service Costs

Teaching and Learning with Technology provides the CLM Service at no cost to academic, administrative, and research units at Penn State. We support a limited number of computer models. Be sure to review the CLM Service Requirements before purchasing computers for your lab or classroom.

Hardware Costs

Units do, of course, have to purchase their own hardware.

  • Administrative units at University Park can leverage LAT’s existing server infrastructure.
  • Campuses sometimes are required to have a single file server on their campus dedicated to the project (this server caches software and profiles locally, dramatically improving performance).
    • The typical cost of such a server is normally $4,000 to $5,000 with a 4-5 year lifecycle. All server hardware must be under an current maintenance contract. The CLM Team manages the server.
    • A campus can sometimes leverage the Media Commons server if there are no special license managers or no local print queue requirements; however, we recommend dedicating this server to Media Commons.
  • In some cases, network improvements are needed to connect managed computers to the campus server(s).

Software Costs

Each unit is responsible for all local software licensing costs. Sassafras KeyServer is an optional component that a unit can elect to use. For ease of administration, we run a central KeyServer for this purpose and coordinate the purchase of licenses and renewals. Keyserver is licensed per workstation, and each license has a renewal cost per year. For more information about KeyServer, please contact us.