Cooperative Lab Management Infrastructure

The CLM environment provides key infrastructure components aimed at simplifying system administration for IT Professionals at Penn State.

  • Hardened OS Image: the file system and system configuration have been secured to make it difficult for users to interfere with the operation of the system.
  • Client Management: computers are automatically joined to the Systems Management @ Penn State environment (IBM BigFix).
  • Software Packages: computers install and update software packages using BigFix.
    • The CLM Team provides and supports a base set of freeware or site-licensed software packages that can be deployed to every machine within CLM.
    • Any cooperating unit can add and deploy an application package that is needed in their area, as long as running it does not compromise the security of the workstation.
    • Software/installer-sharing between units is strongly encouraged, as long as licensing is considered, helping reduce the time needed to deploy new or updated software.
    • Licensing an application prior to deploying an application in the software repository is still the responsibility of each administrative unit.
  • Account Management: users login with their Penn State Access Accounts using the Kerberos realm. Units have the ability to create groups and restrict who can login to machines in their CLM machines, if needed.
  • Printing Control: the Student Printing Service, a central charge-back Pharos-based printing solution, is only available to CLM participants.