Cooperative Lab Management Service Requirements

Computer Requirements

Only certain models of physical, business-class desktop computers are supported by the SysMan Build Key and CLM. Contact us for a list of supported computers and peripherals.

There are several requirements for networking lab computers to a server. TLT will provide these when your unit joins the CLM Service.

Applications not already used in LAT’s or CLM partners’ labs can be installed; however, it is the unit’s responsibility to get the application installer to run silently and be deployed through BigFix. The CLM Team offers support and guidance on a best-effort basis matching the unit’s initial effort.

Dual-booting is difficult to secure and maintain. Consequently. dual-boot environments are not supported. LAT provides a Linux Cluster for teaching purposes. A graphical user interface to the Linux environment is available via X windows.

Please note that CLM machines are multi-user systems, i.e., they are not for individual faculty, staff, and/or student workstations.

Other Requirements

Partners are required to:

  • Register all administrators with the CLM Team.
  • Attend a CLM administrator orientation (for full benefit, we recommend attending a SysMan bootcamp or FastTrack training to become an IBM BigFix console operator).
  • Purchase all local hardware and local software. There is no charge for the CLM service or accompanying tools.
  • Provide or purchase a server, if needed, to host roaming profiles and become an IBM BigFix relay.
  • Share application packages with other partners when feasible and legal.
  • Use the dedicated mailing list and Yammer group for discussions, and the CLM support portal for reporting problems and submitting requests.
  • Visit the CLM Service SharePoint site regularly to review documentation and announcements.