Cooperative Lab Management Tools

The CLM service provides useful tools for both end users and administrators.

User Tools

  • Current Lab Use: users can see how busy a location is before going there.
  • Lab Hours: a Web application for listing a room’s hardware and hours of availability.

Administration Tools

  • BigFix: all computers are automatically joined to IBM BigFix in the CLM division and can be managed remotely.
  • Lab Use Data: CLM partners automatically get access to a suite of usage reports to examine lab/classroom use by semester, day, or hour.
  • Keyserver: An optional component that allows for application usage-tracking and has the ability to allow pooling of software licenses using concurrent, if allowed by the application’s EULA. This component is licensed per workstation and also has a yearly renewal cost.
  • Power Management: CLM machines by default use BigFix to implement aggressive power settings. Podiums default to moderately aggressive power settings. A unit can customize these settings, if they desire to do so.