TLT Systems Management Service

Our Mission

Systems Management@Penn State (SysMan) provides IT staff throughout the University with several valuable and consistent systems management capabilities. Using the SysMan Service will reduce the time you spend doing system administration by standardizing and simplifying the following common tasks:

  • OS Provisioning and Deployment
  • Application Installation and Configuration
  • Patching and Updating
  • Device and Deployment Security
  • Inventory Management
  • Power Management
  • Asset Intelligence
  • Problem Determination and Remediation

Our goal is to enable IT departments to manage endpoints more efficiently. Better management of endpoints ultimately creates a better experience for end users.

Getting Started

The SysMan Service is provided at no cost to Penn State academic, administrative, and research units. If you’ve decided to give SysMan a try, submit a request against the SysMan Service, and we will begin the enrollment process.

If you’re still unsure whether SysMan is right for your unit, submit a request for access to the SysMan SharePoint Site. There you will find a wealth of information to help finalize your decision.