Infrastructure Support for the Pollock Testing Center

The system for scheduling and delivering exams in the Pollock Testing Center is very sophisticated. As such, it requires a solid foundation of up-to-date technologies and an experienced staff using industry best practices.

Network Infrastructure

Ethernet is the backbone of any data-driven system. Our network engineers use enterprise-quality hardware and industry best practices to provide high reliability communications between the front-end and the back-end systems. The Pollock Testing Center experiences very little downtime related to our networking equipment.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage in Pollock Testing Center
Our goal is to get students in and out of the facility with minimal stress. Taking exams is stressful enough! To that end, we provide an array of digital signage. The displays include directions for the check in and out processes, policies regarding the use of personal items such as cell phones, and current exam information. If you have a suggestion for improving our signage, the staff will be glad to assist.

Video Surveillance

Academic integrity is important to us and to our faculty. A video surveillance system helps exam proctors ensure students are following university guidelines regarding exam taking.

Back End Technologies

All of our custom software applications and services are data driven. We maintain the following “Back End” technologies to support our operations staff and our developers.

  • We put many of our services behind a load balancer for speed, flexibility, and added security.
  • Our cluster of SQL Database Servers is the heart of our data access paradigm. All of our public and internal services make heavy use of these.
  • Our Web Farm is what drives the faculty, student, and staff web pages.
  • Our developers use our DevOps Server to keep track of software changes.
  • Many of these technologies require data storage. Our data storage array is a high-reliability and high-availability enterprise solution.