Web Applications for the Penn State Testing Center

Our state-of-the-art web applications are the starting place for most students and faculty. Instructors request use of the facility via our Faculty Pages. Students sign up (register) for their exams using our Student Scheduling Pages. Since our web applications are developed with a Mobile First methodology, faculty and students can use them from virtually any device.

Faculty Pages

Instructors who choose to utilize the Pollock Testing Center must submit an Exam Request via the Faculty Pages. Instructors select from a calendar of available dates (the software takes into account already scheduled exams, blackout dates, and holidays). The software uses a sophisticated algorithm to fill as many seats as possible while giving students some flexibility in choosing when to take their exam.

As test dates draw near, the system notifies students to register for their exam.

The Faculty Pages provide tools for instructors to schedule make-up exams, to view and edit exam parameters, to look up student registrations and courses, etc.

Student Pages

Student email notifications include a link directly to the Student Scheduling page. From there students choose an exam time which best fits their schedule. This built-in flexibility is an important part of keeping the student experience as stress-free as possible.

Staff Pages

 An important part of any time-critical system is the ability to make changes in real time. The Staff Pages enable Testing Center staff to correct exam errors, view reports, and monitor scheduled exams among other things. The Staff Pages are not available to faculty and students.