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Computers are a vital part of learning in the digital age. To this end, Learning Applications and Technologies (LAT) is committed to providing faculty and students with up-to-date computer platforms running a full spectrum of industry standard software. LAT supports 33 computer labs and 41 computer classrooms at University Park.

Use our Interactive Map to find a lab near you. Use our Current Lab Use Web Application to view information about all of the labs we support. Our Supported Computers Web Application lists details of all supported computer locations. Both the list and the map enumerate how many Windows and Mac computers are in each lab as well as how many are currently being used. If you have a particular lab in mind, use our Lab Hours Web Application to see when it’s open.

You can find both Macs and Windows computers in various labs and classrooms around University Park. There are also several kiosk computers in the hallways of many buildings, too. We also have several locations with scanners, and other peripherals, as well.

Before using our labs, please read our Lab Guidelines on polite usage. The computer labs are heavily-used community spaces, and we strive to provide facilities students can use effectively and efficiently with minimum distractions.