Macs: Helpful Tips and FAQ

Here are some helpful tips and answers to questions we get frequently about the Macs in the labs and classrooms.  If you need assistance, see our support page on how to get help.

Helpful Tips

Searching for an application: Click on the magnifying glass in the upper right, next to the clock.  Type in the application name you are trying to find.

Creating a PDF:  Select “File->Print…” from the program’s menubar.  Then, click the “PDF’ pop-up menu in the lower left corner of the Print Dialog and select “Save as PDF…”.

Hiding the Dock:  Click on the desktop to return to the “Finder”.  Then press “Option-Command-D” all at the same time.

Scanning a Document: See our Computer Peripherals page for directions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why aren’t my settings saved when I log in to a different Mac in our labs?

A: Files saved on your desktop and elsewhere will not be saved from session to session. We suggest connecting to the U-Drive or PASS space to save documents and files that you would like to have access to on another computer. Both network file systems are available on Macintosh and Windows platforms, from all labs and even from home. To find out more about these network file spaces, visit our disk space page.

Q: Why isn’t my U-Drive or PASS space automatically connected (mounted) when I log in?

A: Slow logins is the main reason we have not moved to automatically connecting to one of the two network storage spaces when a user logs in. Until we have a mechanism that will provide clean logins with or without network file space accessibility, we will not chance to affect the quick logins of the Macs computers. Users can always connect to their network file spaces with the provided icons on the dock or in the “Applications” window.