Lab Usage Guidelines

Our lab consultants use the following guidelines in the Computer labs at University Park to ensure students have a positive and productive experience. Consultants may ask you to leave the lab if you are violating these guidelines. The labs are sometimes very busy, so first and foremost, please be considerate of others working in the labs. Keep your area clean, and do no abuse the equipment.


Please do not attempt to open the printers in the computer lab. If you need help, speak with a lab consultant or visit our Printing Support page.

Taking paper out of the paper trays is theft; it is not allowed under any circumstances. If you need a blank page for scrap paper, print a blank page or take it out of the recycling bin.

Cell Phones

Because the labs are intended as a quiet work space for students to complete assignments, we ask that cell phone conversations be kept brief and unobtrusive; otherwise, please go outside and talk.

Please mute your ringer.


ITS lab computers don’t usually have speakers, but if they do, we ask that you refrain from using them. You may use headphones, but keep the volume low enough so that those around you can’t hear it.

Food And Drinks

University policy prohibits food and drinks besides water from being used in a general purpose classroom, including technology classrooms. While that policy does not include Computer Labs, we ask that everyone make an effort to keep lab areas clean.