Lab Locations

Find computers using the interactive map:

Note that computers in Teaching Labs are not available to the general public if a class is in session.  You may use such computers between classes but must vacate when a class begins, unless you are taking that course.  The number of "Available" computers is a near real-time estimate of the number of computers which are not in use (nobody is logged on).  We may not have accurate data for all building hours, so be aware that you may not have physical access at all times. More information about the data can be found on the Computer Availability page.

Charts and tables are also found on the available computers pages, which includes a mobile version for small screens.  You can also lookup lab hours and locations.  All locations and computers are in a central database that includes many, but not all, computers managed by various campuses, colleges, and departments.  See the Our Rooms page to find locations with such computers and to see who manages them.  Check with your local IT department to see if there are other resources available to you that aren't listed here.