Software Requests

Instructors may request additional software, in support of teaching, to be installed on our lab and classroom computers.  Please review the software installation guidelines before submitting your software request.

Types of software requests

There are two types of software requests. General use which is software that is beneficial to many students in various curricula and is installed on all computers in all labs and classrooms. Classroom and Lab Software is software needed to teach a specific course in a specific classroom or lab. Please review the various characteristics of these software requests:

General Use

  • Beneficial to many students in different curricula.
  • Installed on all computers in all labs and classrooms.
  • Purchased and supported by TLT.
  • Usually a permanent addition to the software suite.

Classroom and Lab Software

  • Software or plugins needed to teach a specific course.
  • Installed in specific classrooms or in a limited number of labs (if freeware or unlimited site license, may be installed in all locations).
  • Purchased by the department and supported by the requesting instructor.
  • A request must be made each semester to keep our information up to date.


How to Submit a Request

  1. Review the Software Installation Guidelines
  2. Complete a software request form for the type of software you are requesting: