Windows: Helpful Tips and FAQ

Here are some helpful tips and answers to questions we get frequently about the Windows systems in the labs and classrooms.  If you need assistance, see our support page on how to get help.

Helpful Tips

Searching for an application: Click on the magnifying glass in the lower left, next to the start menu.  Type in the application name you are trying to find.

Saving a file: The best place to save your work is in the “My Documents” folder.  This will save it in your user directory and will follow you whichever Windows lab or classroom computer you use.

Change your Default Programs: You can change your default web browser, email program, or video player by searching for “Choose Defaults Apps’.  There you can select your favorite programs for each setting.

Scanning a Document: See our Computer Peripherals page on where to find a scanner and for directions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is my downloaded file?  I can’t find it!

A: While there are many places to save your file on a lab computer, we only recommend certain places to prevent data loss.To prevent this from happening, when working with a file you downloaded, always go to the File menu and choose Save As and save the document to a more permanent location, such as your Documents folder or your Desktop.

Q: Why did I get a temporary profile when I logged in?

A: Occasionally an error may occur and you might get a message that you were logged on with a temporary profile. You should try logging off and on again, or try a different computer.   If you always get a temporary profile on all lab computers, try clearing your profile as described above.

Q: How do I access my files outside of the computer labs and classrooms?

A: Learn about file storage and how to access it on our Cloud Storage page

Q: Can I restore my Firefox or Chrome Bookmarks after my profile was wiped?

A: A function was added to PSU Alerts to restore those files. After clearing your profile and logging back on, bookmarks can be restored via the Preferences option.  Click the white paw in the notification tray, then select Preferences.  You will have to run Firefox first to create an empty profile for a place to restore the bookmarks too, but you don’t have to do that with Chrome.

Note: Since these bookmarks are backed up every day, if, after you clear your profile, you run Chrome or Firefox and do not restore your saved bookmarks, the new (empty) bookmark file will be backed up that night, so you must restore the saved bookmarks right away.   If your backup files are overwritten by the backup job, the old copies might be retrieved from the UBackup service.