Policies for Restoring TLT Printing Services Credits

Creditable Categories

There are two categories of printing problems that may receive credit

No Pages Were Printed

Several things can cause this; in some cases the user is charged for the job, while in others the job is deleted without any actual charges to the user. Verifying that the job has been charged for must be done before a credit can be given. If no popup messages appear on the users computer, that is a strong, but not certain, indication that no charges were generated and therefore no credit should be issued.

The Pages Printed Were Not What the User Wanted

Credit will be given if the printer or software generating the print job is at fault such as smudged pages, missing pages, garbage characters, crumpled paper or similar problems.

Non-Creditable Situations

Most applications have a Print Preview option. We recommend using it to verify the output before you send your job to a printer.

These user errors are not normally creditable:

  • Printing too many copies
  • Printing the wrong file
  • Printing portrait when landscape was wanted
  • Printing to a color instead of a black-and-white printer
  • Selecting incorrect application options


Before requesting credit for a job, please read the following policies:

  • The print job must be verified as being billed for by location, date, time, userid and number of pages before credit is given.
  • Credit is based on the pages billed rather than the reported pages. Partial credit can be given.
  • The credit request must be submitted before the end of the semester.
  • Credits add pages back to your semester printing record according to the number of pages “used” by the print job in question. If all LionCash+ purchase pages were used to print the job, then the credited pages are added to your total of LionCash+ pages. Same for the semester allocation (“free” pages) or unit allocation (additional pages) totals. You will see those numbers in the transaction record our Print Management Utility. If a job used a mix of LionCash+ pages, unit allocation pages, and semester allocation pages, then the appropriate number of pages are added to each of these totals.
  • Problems caused by user errors will not receive a credit as described above.
  • Requests for credit should be submitted immediately.
  • The Print Credit Request page must be used to submit all credit requests.
  • The information supplied must be complete and accurate enough to find the corresponding print charge record.
  • Fraudulent requests may be sent to Judicial Affairs.
  • All requests are verified by the accounts office and responses are sent by email.
  • Appeals of the decision may be set submitted here.
  • Requests after the end of a semester will not be processed.
  • Granted credits can be reviewed by looking at your page transactions in our Print Management Utility.

If you feel your situation is covered by the above policies, the use our Print Credit Request page:

I understand the policies. Take me to the Credit Request Page