Frequently Asked Questions for TLT Printing Services

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How will I be billed?
Printing costs are charged directly to your LionCash+ account. Other forms of payment are not supported. Use the Printing Management Utility to purchase more sheets or to check on your balance.
I don’t want to use LionCash+. Is there another way to purchase sheets?

We are only able to accept LionCash+ as payment for printing sheets. Every student and employee has a LionCash+ account, and there are many ways to deposit/retrieve funds to/from your account. Some options are available 24/7. Our secure Printing Management Utility allows you to purchase sheets from your web browser. Please make sure you have enough LionCash+ to cover printing costs if you know you have a big project coming up.

Why isn’t printing free?
Printers, paper, toner, and ink are all very expensive. Allowing free printing would result in many people printing documents that they do not really need, and the cost would have to be shared by all students regardless of how much each prints. Pay-as-you-go is fair to everyone.

Some instructors may request that you print certain course materials; that cost should be viewed the same as the cost of other course materials such as text books. In addition, TLT strives to be as “green” as possible. Unnecessary printing would lead to greater paper waste.

Why are there only 110 free sheets?
This is explained on our Sheets and Pricing page.
What if I bring my own paper? Can I save money that way?
No. For several reasons:

  1. The sheet charge covers not only the paper, but also toner, ink, and printer maintenance and replacement.
  2. For warranty purposes, we only permit staff members to open printers. If there is a paper jam, please ask a lab attendant for assistance.

If your project requires you to print on special paper (such as labels, large maps, etc.), please ask the faculty member who made the assignment for assistance. For example, the University Libraries offers a service for Printing Oversized Documents.

How can I limit how much I print to save money and not waste paper?
There are several ways to limit how much you print:

  • Check and doublecheck your work (and maybe even triplecheck): Be sure to review all your work on your computer screen carefully before you print. That way, you don’t have to reprint a job due to mistakes.
  • If you do have to reprint, do not print the entire document: If you have a misspelling or got a formula wrong in a multi-page document, print only the page with the error instead of printing the entire document.
  • Look for an electronic alternative, such as using your iPad or other tablet: If you need to print materials to take notes on them, such as slides, and you have an iPad or other tablet, consider taking notes right on the device.
I think I got charged for a print job that did not come out; how do I request a credit?
Review our Print Credit Policies for more information. Often, if your document did not print, there is no charge posted for a job. Our staff will review the request and look up the billing data.

Please note that any user error like printing the wrong document, printing landscape format when you wanted portrait, printing to a color printer when you wanted a black-and-white printer, etc., will not be credited.

Account Management

How do I tell how many sheets I have left?
You have several choices:

  1. Use our Printing Management Utility
  2. Open the PSU Messages and Alerts window (the paw icon on the bottom-right of the screen) on your Windows desktop
  3. Note the message you receive when you print
  4. Note the bar and totals on the left-side of your User Account page
Do my unused sheets from the original 110 subsidized sheets from the previous semester rollover into the next semester?
Yes and no.

Every student is granted a credit of 110 sheets at the start of each semester. These sheets DO NOT roll over.

Sheets you purchase beyond the initial 110 sheets DO roll over.

Self Help

The printer is jammed. What do I do?
Ask a student consultant to assist (if available); otherwise, submit a Support Ticket.
The printer is out of paper. What do I do?
Ask a student consultant to assist (if available); otherwise, submit a Support Ticket.
The printer I want to use is not connected (“Mapped”).
When you log on, the printer or printers defined for that computer are connected (“mapped”) by the PSUAlerts utility. If a printer is not connected after a minute or so, it may be due to a configuration error, network problem, or a printer driver problem. You can investigate the problem yourself as follows:

  • Open the PSUAlerts debug window by clicking the white paw on the bottom right edge of your screen and picking Show Debug Menu.
  • Click Debug at the top of the window.
  • Among the many things there, find:
    • Read Config — try this to have the program re-load a configuration file that includes printer information; inspect the messages which will list the print queues defined for your computer. If there are none then report a configuration error.
    • List Printers — will list all printers; there should be at least some pseudo-printers such as “Send to OneNote”, “Adobe PDF” and so on. Real printers will have long goofy names starting with “\\”. If there are none of those, that’s the problem.
    • Delete All Printers — this is worth a try if some are connected.
    • Connect Printers — this will try to connect the defined printers; watch the window for some errors.
  • If errors are shown in the debug window, please report them.
    1. Upload the log by picking Upload Log from the Reporting menu at the top of the debug window.
    2. Report the issue.
Can I print from my laptop, or must I use a Penn State Computer?
You can print from your own computer, no matter where you are: in your home or dorm room, at the HUB, etc. See our MobilePrint Page for more information.