Instructions for Using TLT Printing Services

How to Print

To use a printer in a computer lab, simply go to “File” and then hit the “Print” button, as you would on any personal computer. If there is more than one printer in the lab, the “Print” dialog will allow you to choose from a list of available printers.

After you print your document, a message will pop up with the following information:

  • Job success (or failure)
  • Sheets remaining on your account

If no message appears or if your pages do not come out, ask for help.

Our Frequently Asked Questions page may help you in solving some of the more common problems our students have.

You can always check your account status with our Print Management Utility.


Mobile Printing

Our MobilePrint Service enables you to print to some TLT lab printers from your personal computer or mobile device. See our Mobile Printing page for setup instructions.