Sheets and Pricing for TLT Printing Services

Students are allocated 110 subsidized sheets each semester, paid for by the Information Technology fee. You may purchase more sheets at any time. Note that a printed page may be counted as more than one sheet.Colored toner and larger pages (like 11″x17″) cost more than standard black toner on 8½”x11″ printing. To offset these costs, we charge printing jobs not by the physical page, but by the sheet. Currently one sheet costs $0.05. A single piece of 8½” x 11″ paper, printed either duplex (double-sided) or simplex (single-sided) in black is counted as one sheet. Documents printed on color printers or on larger paper are counted as multiple sheets for each physical piece as shown in the table below.

Printing Costs
Printer Type Paper Size Color Price Per Page Sheet Cost
Black and White Laser Printers 8½” x 11″ No $ 0.05 1
Black and White Laser Printers 11″ x 17″ No $ 0.10 2
Color Laser Printers 8½” x 11″ Yes $ 0.15 3
Color Laser Printers 11″ x 17″ Yes $ 0.30 6
Other types — look for signage near the printer


At the end of the semester, unused purchased pages may be returned for credit to your LionCash+ account by using the User Printing Management Utility.

Not all labs offer printing on paper sizes larger than 8½” by 11”. Use our Printing Locations page to find labs with large-format printers.

To prevent you from accidentally printing a large number of pages at once, a single print job is limited to 100 sheets. If your assignment requires printing more than 100 sheets, you must change your Job Limit with the User Printing Management Utility.

  • Click the “Job Limit” button
  • Enter a new limit in the textbox
  • Click the “Change Limit” button

If you do not often print large documents, we recommend you lower the default limit.