Editing Files in WebFiles

WebFiles provides multiple methods of viewing and editing documents. Right-clicking a file and selecting the View, Edit or Share sub-menu will show the available options for a particular file extension.

Online document editing

You may edit office documents online using desktop applications such as Microsoft office or OpenOffice.org. You do not need to download or upload the files, as these programs support communicating directly with the WebFiles server.


  • Select a file of one of the following types.
    • MS Office types: accda, accdb, accdc, accde, accdp, accdr, accdt, accdu, ade, adp, maf, mam, maq, mar, mat, mda, mde, mdt, mdw, laccdb, snp, csv, dbf, dif, ods, prn, slk, xla, xlam, xls, xlsb, xlsm, xlsx, xlt, xltm, xltx, xlw, xml, xps, obi, oft, ost, prf, pst, msg, oab, iaf, emf, odp, pot, potm, potx, ppa, ppam, pps, ppsm, ppsx, ppt, pptm, pptx, pptx, rtf, thmx, tif, wmf, xml, xps, doc, docm, docx, dot, dotm, dotx, htm, html, mht, mhtml, odt, rtf, txt, wps, xml, xps, btr, dwt, elm, fwp, htx, mso
    • OpenOffice.org / LibreOffice types: sxd, sxm, sxi, sxc, sxw, odb, odf, odt, ott, oth, and, odm, sxw, stw, sxg, doc, dot, xml, docx, docm, dotx, dotm, wpd, wps, rtf, txt, csv, sdw, sgl, vor, uot, uof, jtd, jtt, hwp, 602, pdb, psw, ods, ots, sxc, stc, xls, xlw, xlt, xlsx, xlsm, xltx, xltm, xlsb, wk1, wks, 123, dif, csv, sdc, vor, dbf, slk, uos, uof, pxl, wb2, odp, odg, std, otp, otg, sxi, sti, ppt, pps, pot, pptx, pptm, potx, potm, ppsx, sda, sdd, sdp, vor, uop, uof, cgm, bmp, jpeg, jpg, pcx, psd, sgv, wmf, dxf, met, pgm, ras, svm, xbm, emf, pbm, plt, sda, tga, xpm, eps, pcd, png, sdd, tif, tiff, gif, pct, ppm, sgf, vor, mml
  • Select “Edit in MS Office” or “Edit in OpenOffice.org / LibreOffice” in the file or right-click menu.
  • The selected application will launch with the file opened for editing.
  • To save the changes in the document, press Сtrl+S combination or click on the “Save” in the File menu of MS Office or OpenOffice. The document will be saved and uploaded to the WebFiles server automatically.

Notes and recommendations for Microsoft Office

  • Microsoft Office supports file locking to prohibit simultaneous file editing by multiple users. If a file has been locked by another user, you cannot edit the file, but you can view it in read-only mode.
  • Microsoft Office may block documents for editing. You may enable editing of a file by allowing it from inside the Office product. If you wish, you may enable immediate editing in the program settings. In Microsoft office menu select File->Options->Trust Center->Trust Center Settings…(button)->Protected View uncheck “Enable Protected View for files originating from the Internet”.
  • Office 2010 does not support file links with more than 255 symbols, so try to use short file names with ASCII characters.