Service Retirement

As a result of the recent University-wide Microsoft Office 365 and Enterprise Active Directory initiatives, this service will be decommission on November 15, 2019. Go to TLT SharePoint Site Retirement form by Nov. 11, 2019 to request to have your SharePoint site(s) deleted or migrated to Office 365.”


Service Overview

Penn State units (departments, colleges, campuses, or other administrative units) may request a SharePoint sub-site on to help conduct University business.   This page describes the scope and limitations of the service and how to request a sub-site.

What is SharePoint?

Windows SharePoint Services is a web based application primarily used for team collaboration.  Users can easily access, create, and edit various kinds of libraries, which may have documents, lists, discussions, and surveys.  Numerous types of object templates are available, such as calendars, announcements, blogs, budgets, contacts, etc.

Email alerts for changes to particular libraries may be set by end users. A site may be customized personal views and different themes. SharePoint is web based and can be accessed with any operating system that has a supported web browser. There is no special software to install, although it integrates with Microsoft Office products.   Much more information can be found on the Internet, for example:

Benefits of SharePoint

SharePoint can meet many collaboration and sharing needs, but not to all. Below is a list of what situations may benefit from SharePoint and what situation would benefit from other University services, such as Angel, eLion, WikiSpaces, PASS, and Adobe Connect.

SharePoint is good for:

  • Sharing documents with check-out and revision control.
  • Making issue lists, project tracking, and custom lists.
  • Teaching SharePoint to students.
  • Granular access control.

Other University Services may be better for:

  • Storing/sharing class materials (ANGEL).
  • Simple file sharing (PASS).
  • Public department web site (WebLion).
  • Personal web site (PSU Personal Web Space)
  • Public blogs (The Blogs at Penn State)
  • Short-term project documents (WikiSpaces)
  • Instant messaging and video communication.

Service Description

A site will be provided, free of charge, to a University department, campus, college or other administrative unit for the purposes of conducting University business.  The scope and limitations of this service are:

  • The requesting unit will complete a short application form ( site application/newform.aspx).
  • There must be at least one full-time employee designated as the administrator.
  • The unit must agree to a Service Level Agreement ( Level Agreement/SharePointSLA.pdf).
  • Access control is for PSU Access Accounts only (users without Access Accounts can not access the site).
  • The administrator(s) manage their own user access lists.
  • PII (Personally Identifiable Information) may not be stored on the site.
  • Consulting and help on how to use SharePoint is not provided, although there is plenty of online documentation and training available.
  • Technical problems may be posted to a issue list that will be answered by central administrators.
  • Additional components and third-party applications will not be installed because these often cause instability.

ITS provides:

  • A dedicated (virtual) server hosting, with Kerberos authentication to
  • A back-end database and data backup.
  • A backup instance of the server at a DR site.
  • An issue list used to report problems with the service: Issues/Newform.aspx

Site Request Procedure

Go to site application/newform.aspx and complete the form to request a site.  You will need to provide:

  • A short name for the site, which will be come the URL,,
  • Names, titles and userids of the administrator(s).
  • A brief description of the purpose of the site.
  • A few other details about your request.

Staff will review requests as soon as possible and email the administrators when the site is ready.